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S12E1 Space Pilot – Swimming Tournament

S12E2 Capsicum From Our Garden – Lets Live Pleasant Life

S12E3 Its a Donut Shop – Its Shiros Happiness!

S12E4 Not the Shelter – End of Summer

S12E5 Grand Dad Came From Kyushu

S12E6 Its Barbeque This Evening! – Champion at Golf

S12E7 Exhausted With the Massage! – Freeloader to a Freeloader

S12E8 Lucky Girl Nene-Chan! – I Worked Part-Time!

S12E9 Visiting Parents in Akita!

S12E10 Playing With Dad!

S12E11 Moms Great Revolution – House Watching With Kazama Kun

S12E12 Take Care to Not Leave Anything Behind!

S12E13 Its a Childrens Beauty Parlor! – I Will Go in the Eco-Car!

S12E14 the Refrigerator Broke Down! – Nenes Wild Idea

S12E15 Its the Shushi Prince

S12E16 Playing Shopkeeper! – I Got New Tea!

S12E17 a Secret Character Lunch Box! – We Guys Will Decide

S12E18 Searching for the Socks! – Im No Good at All

S12E19 Its Nenechan That I Love!

S12E20 Mom Is Slow! – Day Nursery of Beni Sasori Gang

S12E21 Birthday Party Without Invitation!

S12E22 Its Lo Lo Lo Lo Lottery! – Its Best When We Travel!

S12E23 Get Together – The Insect Hunter

S12E24 Well See Cormorants!

S12E25 Strong Lightening! – Sunburnt Dad!

S12E26 Mom Left the House

S12E27 How About Patching Up!

S12E28 Here Since Morning! – Relaxing in the Bath!

S12E29 Cleaning Up the Kindergarten!

S12E30 Using Your Book – I Am Masaokuns Assistant!

S12E31 Its the Principal – Part Time Working Mom!

S12E32 Its the Mysterious Shinko Chan

S12E33 at the Free Market – Walking With Dad and Shiro

S12E34 in Kumamoto With Everyone

S12E35 Being Found Everywhere! – Its Shinko Chan Again!

S12E36 a Little Bit Snow! – Lost Product of the Boss

S12E37 Mail Couldnt Be Learnt in One Day

S12E38 I Am Leaving on a Journey! – Vagabond Hustler

S12E39 My Radish Chan – Hide It Secretly!

S12E40 Making Drawers With Dad! – A Night Stay for Aichan!

S12E41 Shiros Stay – Even Though It Was a Good Time

S12E42 Thats a Secret! – Leave Himawari in Child Care

S12E43 in High Spirits at the Wedding! – Midnight Drive!

S12E44 Changing the Elastics – Good Evening Mr. Thumb!

S12E45 Who Is the Culprit – Its the Nohara Gallery

S12E46 Himas Pool Diary – Cleaning the House

S12E47 Its Dr. Kazama – Silence in the Bank

S12E48 Stone Conveys the Feelings! – Return of Favour

S12E49 Searching the Ancient Commanders Fan (Gunsen) of the Folklore!

S12E50 Its Difficult for Nenechans Opponent!

S12E51 Its Konkatsu – Aiming at the Home Run!

S12E52 Sweet Potato – Its Shinko Chan

How To Download ?

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